Beneficiary Management System (BMS) cum Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Portal aims to enable beneficiary’s data management and facilitation of DBT for any beneficiary-oriented scheme for any department (both cash and kind). All such schemes will be onboarded in BMS portal by concerned Departments. Departments will also upload legacy data of beneficiaries for FY 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21. From FY 2021-22, all such DBTs will be done through BMS Portal. This will make the system easy, fast and transparent.


Various Documents of BMS Scheme:

  1. RC Advance Search Demo.
  2. BMS DBT Template.
  3. BMS Scheme Template.
  4. BMS Legacy Data Template.
  5. Address Master for Legacy Data
  6. BMS Scheme Onboarding Template
  7. BMS Legacy Data Manual