Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS):

The CCTNS project is an advance software application which would empower the police organizations and take policing to the next levels. Policing being a state subject, the role of the centre is limited to funding / playing a facilitative role and hence the success of this project depends on the active involvement and support of police leadership at the district level.
CCTNS project has been implemented by home department to make their activities more transparent and citizen friendly. This system helps the department to collect, store, retrieve and analyzing the data. This also helps to transfer and sharing of data between police stations, the State Headquarters and the Central Police Organisations. Besides this, all the historical case records from 2008 onwards have been digitized and 5000+ police personnel have been trained in Information Technology and CCTNS application.
The key objectives of the CCTNS project include:
a. providing enhanced Information Technology tools for investigation, crime. prevention, law and order maintenance and other functions.
b. increasing operational efficiency by reducing manual and repetitive tasks (data to be entered only once which would automatically prepare all the registers)
c. better communication and automation at the back-end.
d. sharing crime and criminals’ databases across the country at state and central levels
e. sharing intelligence on real-time basis, and
f. improving service delivery to the public and other stakeholders.
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