Digital India

Brief Description:
Government of India (GoI) accords the highest priority to the Digital India (DI) programme that is an umbrella programme for transforming India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. e-Kranti (NeGP 2.0) is an integral part of DI to ensure government wide transformation by delivering  all govt. services electronically to the citizens through integrated and interoperable systems via multiple modes, while ensuring efficiency, transparency and reliability of such services at affordable cost.  The common branding of DI for various Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) will highlight their transformative impact at national level. DI has been initiated with three (3) major objectives as:

  • Digital Infrastructure as a utility to every citizen
  • Governance & Services on Demand
  • Digital Empowerment of Citizens

In Tripura, IT activities have been initiated in a serious manner in April, 1999, by setting up a separate Directorate of Information Technology (DIT) and Tripura State Computerisation Agency (TSCA). DIT and TSCA are working meticulously with NIC, BSNL and other state departments to achieve the key objectives of e-governance programme and made significant progress to modernize the state digitally.